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RC Offroad Frenzy Cheats

RC Offroad Frenzy

Submitted by: rickHH

Large or small bumps can usually be found all around the 
course. This obstacle is designed to slow you down. If 
you're going way too fast over a bump, you could lose 
control of your vehicle. So be careful. 

Definitely avoid potholes, as you could lose both speed and 
control of your vehicle. However, you can use potholes to 
your advantage by trying to force your opponent's car directly 
into a pothole. 

Caution! Icy patches makes for very slippery courses. 
If you can't avoid the ice patch, then decrease your speed 
so that you don't lose control. 

On some courses, you'll find different size and depth 
waterholes. While this obstacle does slow you down, the 
higher off-road vehicles such as the Crocodile Hunter and 
the Jeep 4x4 seem to do better than the lower ones like the 
PT Cruiser. 

Attack the mounds with speed and once you're over the mound, 
give yourself a little `boost' (hit the Period key) to keep 
you going.
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