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Police Quest 3 Cheats

Police Quest 3

Cheat Codes:
Hold [Shift] and press ~ to display the console window. 
Note: Hold [Shift] and press @ in the European version of 
the game. Then, enter one of the following cheats.

Effect                                Code 	
God mode for entire team            - swatlord
Faster shooting                     - doubleshot
Unlimited ammo                      - biggerpockets
More blood from bodies              - nc17
Play night missions as day missions - noshades
Men in shorts and t-shirts          - casual

Day Selection Screen
In your Police Quest 3 directory, locate the file called VERSION.  
Delete it and when you start the game, you should see a screen 
that says 'Which day bub?'  If not, when you start the game rapidly
press the RIGHT mouse button and it should com up. The box next to 
the 'Which day bub?' lets you type a number in it.
The numbers you can type in take you to different parts of the game
(I am not sure what points the take you to, but here they are):
12, 129, 133, 21, 50, 56, and 57
(Note that any other number crashes the game).
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