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Offensive Cheats


Level Name           Germany	Allies
1     Pegasus Bridge   GNBQD  UHFNE
2     St. Mere Eglise  NUCWE  FBGBA
3     Sword Beach      DABDD  CHRJN
4     Omaha Beach      GSCGE  JQHEX
5     Caen             NTTDC  GBBXD
6     Verriers Ridge   HXAME  MUKNN
7     Mortain          GTAND  UNGHP
8     Goodwood         VIALC  ADMKE
9     St. Lo           GLBJD  OGOAB
10    Falaise          IBWDE  LPCKD
11    Arnhem           BHADE  MAAHD
12    Groesbeek        GXCSE  LOREI
13    Nijmegen         FQACD  SAGUE
14    Malmedy          VWAAB  BCUJI
15    Stoumont         HPBSE  HCGKE
16    Bastogne         RIATE  LOKIE
17    Trier            GUBEE  BHSDE
18    Wessel           NBGSR  ULCSE
19    Remagen          SJBED  DATJU
20    Essen            PKBGC  IOGPD
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