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Odieuss Quest for the Magic FlingShot Cheats

Odieus's Quest for the Magic Fling-Shot

Mini Solution:
cabinet      - give silverware to dwarf. chop oak with 
               axe & examine it for key.
sphinx       - insert plate in machine in cabinet & pull lever.
               show polished plate to sphinx.
gorilla      - plant beans in greenhouse. throw beans in spring 
               & fill cup. water beanstalk & climb it. give 
               gorilla the golden banana.
light source - roll leaf & light stick.
lions        - make whip with ball of leather string &  
               handle. whip lions.
door         - put reed in horn. blow horn.
draft        - insert stringed object in hole in wire room.
giant        - wake bird.
keyholes     - insert green banana.
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