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Obulis Cheats


Achievements (Steam):
Submitted by: RM

Complete each condition to get the allotted achievements.

Unlockable                  How to Unlock	
Again with the Mummies?   - Complete the level "Pharaoh's Tomb VII Ultra"
Bloody Tears              - Complete the level "Clock Tower VIII Ultra"
Did I pack the sunscreen? - Find all 3 tiles to complete the Sun Stone.
Dungeon Explorer          - Complete the level "Dungeon V Ultra"
Go Chase This!            - Complete the level "Waterfall XI Ultra"
Hey Tuco!                 - Complete the level "Desert VIII Ultra"
I Like Ico                - Complete the level "Windmill I Ultra"
I Pine for the Vine       - Complete the level "Gnarly Vines V Ultra"
I'm Fond of the Pond      - Complete the level "Pond X Ultra"
I'm not Scared of Mummies - Complete the level "Pharaoh's Tomb I Ultra"
Meditate Really hard      - Complete the level "Garden V Ultra"
Nothing like the Classics - Complete the level "Antiquity XI Ultra"
Planet Earth              - Find all 3 tiles to complete the Earth Stone.
Timing is Everything      - Complete the level "Pond III Ultra"
Will there be Blood?      - Find all 3 tiles to complete the Blood Stone.
You... Complete Me        - Collect all 347 1/2 stars in the game.
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