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NovaStorm Cheats


Cheat Codes:
After game start, when you get control of the plane, type:

You will then warp to a special bonus level (all shoot become tomato
shape) and can get all special weapons. After the bonus level, you will
go to the final stage.

Cheat Edit
NovaStorm add life method:
use any hex editor, edit NOVASTRM.CFG (in c:\), change the first byte to
any number you like. The first byte is the number of plane (life).
You can even make the file read-only.

another cheat edits:
Assume CD drive is E:
copy e:\novastrm.exe to c:\
unlimit life
search 66 FF 0D 98 2B 03 00 79 09
change EB 05 -- -- -- -- -- EB --

energy no reduce
66 29 05 95 2B 03 00 79 37
EB 05 -- -- -- -- -- EB --

bomb not reduce
FE 0D BF E8 02 00
EB 04 -- -- -- --
to run NOVASTRM, at E: type

Bonus Level:
After the game starts and you get your plane, type "TOMATOES". You'll be 
warped to a special bonus stage where you can easily gain all the special 
weapons. When you complete this level you'll be warped to the final stage.
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