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Neon Layers Cheats

Neon Layers

Submitted by: RM

Level 6:
Press 2, watch ball roll toward switch, press 1 when appropriate 
to trigger switch, watch ball roll towards other switch pressing 2
when the ball is closer to the arrow not the bracket, ball should 
fall to top of top ramp, watch it fall, press 1 as ball is falling.
It should hit the little red platform with enough force to bounce 
into the exit. It may take a bit to get. You need to make sure the
ball gets to the top of the top green ramp to get the most momentum.

Level 14:
Press 1 so that the ball rolls down the line and hits the gravity 
change. Quickly press 3 so that the blue line will stop the ball 
from floating away. It bounce around for a second and then hit the
gravity arrow. Quickly press 2. It's go down the line, hit the 
gravity arrow, and go into the exit sign.
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