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Need For Extreme 3D Cheats

Need For Extreme 3D

How to improve your car:
Submitted by: Imon The Threat

Hope you who are reading it are O.K. You are looking for a tips or a hints-aren't
you? So,pay attention. It's not a cheat, but you can speed up or down, accelerator
improvement, weight of your car will be adjust by you.

Open the directory where the game is installed. Look! There is a folder named 'cfg'.
Open it. There are 6 .cfg files named "car1", "car2", "car3", "car4", "car5", "car6".

Enter into one of the file. Here it was written 'Max Speed','Weight','Control 
(it will help you to set your accelerator)',. 

You can see some numbers besides them.For example "MaxSpeed 80".

Change the number as your want. Suppose you wrote 250 in lieu of 80, the car'll 
get an extra-ordinary speed. Sometimes the speed is so high that you cant see the 
outside of your car. You can change your car's accelerator & weight by changing it.
Good luck!
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