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NCAA Football 2001 Cheats

NCAA Football 2001

Enter the following codes at the secret codes screen: 

Code          Result
BULLDOZER   - Juggernaut team 
BRICKWALL   - Defense always tackles 
BALLER      - Maximum attribute points 
CEMENTFEET  - Slower players 
DAYNIGHT    - Faster daytime effects 
HEADCOACH   - Maximum recruiting points 
HANDSOFGLUE - Receivers always catch 
ICBM        - Super kicking 
MINDREADER  - View CPU plays 
OPENSESAME  - All stadiums unlocked 
OSKIE       - Defense always intercepts 
POPULARITY  - Full poll 
SAFETY      - Wind at maximum 
Y2K         - Change the date 

Touchdown celebrations:
Hold the following buttons right after scoring a touchdown: 

Heismen pose    - X.
Ball spike      - Circle.
Muscle flexing  - Square.
Back flip       - Triangle.
Spin the ball   - R1.
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