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NBA Live 2002 Cheats

NBA Live 2002

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Haspa

Michael Jordan:
Although Michael Jordan is not in the game by default, you can
create him and the announcer will say his name whenever he does

Bulls' black jerseys:
Play as the Bulls in the playoffs and they will have their black

Easy three pointers:
Come up to the arc line (three point line), pump fake three times,
then shoot your jump shot. This technique increases the accuracy of
your three pointers and it will more than likely go in. This trick 
does not work all of the time and will obviously work better if the
man you are using is a decent three point shooter. 

Iverson's armband:
To get the effect of Iverson's arm band, select all arm bands in
create a player mode. It will look like Iverson's arm band/sleeve.

1986 Bulls:
Play in season mode with the 2002 Bulls and finish undefeated in
an 82 game season with quarters of five minutes or more.
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