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Nascar Racing 2000 Cheats

Nascar Racing 2000

You can't go banging and crashing with impunity, but a well-placed
thump on a competitor's door will generally not send you into a 
spin and is encouraged as a way of forcefully pushing your way 
through turns. 

If you have enough free disk space, go with a full install to 
eliminate CD access delays when racing.

For rookie and veteran drivers alike, the most important prerace
screen is the one marked "AI Strength." Here you can fully tailor
the realism and tune the level of assistance you require. Sliding
controls govern several key areas, including drafting effect, 
horsepower, car balance, opponent strength, and speed-sensitive
In essence, you can make the game as easy or difficult, authentic
or "action oriented" as you want. You cannot effectively judge the
capabilities of NASCAR 2000 without fully exploring these options.

EA Sports and Stormfront have really upgraded the game manual for
the latest NASCAR. Use it wisely and pay particular attention to 
the "In the Garage" section it really does help you get faster.
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