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Nanpa Cheats


The way to see the sexy pictures is to be in your starting room,
and click on the computer. You should get a menu of up to 10  
items, plus arrows. When it is complete, the first 10 are girls'
names I guess, and pressing the down arrow will get you to 5 more
(really 4 plus miscellaneous school girls) plus a cancel option 
at the end. Using a binary file editor to patch the file FLAG0 so
bytes $68 through $CF, $E0 to $14F, and $151 to $1EF are all the 
value $11 will turn on all the pictures for all the girls. 
Setting byte $150 to $11 will cause the starting room picture to
disappear! However, setting all these values will cause the game 
to lock up if you try to leave the starting room! This is because
you are basically telling the game to marry you off to all the 
girls at once! So look at the pictures, but don't do anything 
except exit the game then.
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