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Lumines Cheats


Submitted by: RM
Complete the indicated task to unlock the character. 

Name    How to unlock
Dog   - Clear  30 blocks in Time Attack mode in under 60 seconds.
Heart - Clear 150 blocks in Time Attack mode in under 300 seconds.
Mouse - Clear  90 blocks in Time Attack mode in under 180 seconds.

Complete the indicated task to unlock the skin.

Unlockable                  How to unlock
Aback                     - Reach level 40 in Challenge mode.
Aoi                       - Reach level  8 in Challenge mode.
bad boy century           - Reach level 48 in Challenge mode.
Block the Sky             - Reach level  4 in Challenge mode.
Cuckoo clock              - Reach level 76 in Challenge mode.
Dao                       - Reach level 56 in Challenge mode.
Fanatic                   - Reach level 88 in Challenge mode.
Hikaru frame work         - Reach level 80 in Challenge mode.
Hometown                  - Reach level 32 in Challenge mode.
Kabuki                    - Reach level 36 in Challenge mode.
Kawaii                    - Reach level 64 in Challenge mode.
Round About               - Reach level 16 in Challenge mode.
Sister Walk               - Reach level 52 in Challenge mode.
Talk 2 You                - Reach level 28 in Challenge mode.
Tintoy                    - Reach level 84 in Challenge mode.
You are not here          - Reach level 20 in Challenge mode.
Darkside Beside The River - Reach level 60 in Challenge Mode.
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