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Luftwaffe Commander Cheats

Luftwaffe Commander

Game Tips: 

Tip 1:
Switching between the full cockpit view (F1) and the gun-sight-only view (F4) 
will allow you to track enemy threats accurately on the GCI gauge while still 
offering maximum forward visibility. The game's clunky padlock view won't 
permit you to "check six" as efficiently as the GCI gauge can, so toggle back 
to it regularly and keep hitting the T key like a demon. 

Tip 2:
The huge blind spot behind your plane can be occupied by an enemy fighter very 
quickly. It's best to keep wagging your plane back and forth when chasing down 
an opponent because one of his wingmen may have slotted into a perfect shooting
position without your knowing about it. 

Tip 3:
Conserve your ammo! This is especially critical when flying the Heinkel in the 
Spanish Civil War campaign because it will often take the entire magazine to 
down a single enemy plane. (The damage modeling in the game can be woefully 
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