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Lost Vikings 2 Norse By Norsewest Cheats

Lost Vikings 2 - Norse By Norsewest

Also known as: "Norse By Norsewest: The Return Of The Lost Vikings".

Cheat Codes:
Enter as a password:

Code   Effect
CR3D - View credits
W4RP - Start at highest level previously reached
CH3T - Invincibility
GHST - For god mode

Update by: yoeri sieders

Level  1: ntro
Level  2: 1sts
Level  3: 2nds
Level  4: trsh
Level  5: sw1m
Level  6: wolf
Level  7: t1m3
Level  8: k4rn
Level  9: bomb
Level 10: wzrd
Level 11: blks
Level 12: tlpt
Level 13: gysr
Level 14: b3sv
Level 15: r3to
Level 16: drnk
Level 17: y0vr
Level 18: 0val
Level 19: t1n3
Level 20: d4rd
Level 21: h4rd
Level 22: hrdr
Level 23: lost
Level 24: Oboy
Level 25: hom3
Level 26: shck
Level 27: tnnl
Level 28: h3ll
Level 29: 4RGH
Level 30: b4dd
Level 31: d4dy

* For god mode: GHST
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