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Lode Runner 2 Cheats

Lode Runner 2

Cheat Codes:
Press [Esc] during game play to display the options menu,
then type glazed donut to enable cheat mode. Then, enter 
one of the following codes to activate the corresponding 
cheat function. A sound will confirm correct code entry.

Code          Effect
F3          - Go back one level
F4          - Advance one level
Alt+F12     - Gain five lives
Alt+8       - Ten bombs of each type
Alt+K       - "Beach Ball" power up
Alt+I       - "Inviso" power up
Alt+T       - "Morph" power up
Alt+B       - "Cloak" power up
Alt+F7      - Alternate appearance  
Alt+F8      - Alternate appearance
Alt+S       - Toggle scrolling

Alternate Wacky World previews:
Type goofy (case-sensitive) at the main menu. 

Hidden FMV sequence:
Type kratin'it (case-sensitive) at the main menu.

Hidden levels:
Type followme (case-sensitive) at the main menu. Select the credits
option to play a set of hidden levels. 

Freeze monks:
Use the [Alt] + "T" code immediately when the level loads before even 
pressing the cursor keys and the monks will freeze. The monk will 
still kill you if you run on its square. If you bomb it, it will show
the flame of the monk dying, and it will not hurt you after that.

LodeRunner 2 - Demo Cheats:
A few extra "cheat" keys:

[Alt + \]      - can be used to skip to the next level.
[Alt + Arrows] - can be used to scroll around the level.

Alternative credits level:
At the main menu, type "followme" and then click on "Credits", you will
unlock an alternative credits level and 2 bonus levels, although you 
will only have 1 life to complete them with.
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