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Loa and the Island Quest Cheats

Loa and the Island Quest

Submitted by. David K.

Running in Mid-Air:
You can hold the Z key to run while you’re in the middle of a jump. You can 
use this to jump farther and faster, as well as to quickly change direction 
in mid-air! 

Loading Saved Games:
Save your game often! When you die, your only options are to load a saved 
game or start over from the beginning. If you forgot to save your game you're 
out of luck. 

When you load a saved game, you’ll start out again with the same number of 
lives you had when you saved. For example, if you save with only one life left, 
you’ll start out with only one life left when you load again.

Interacting With Your Environment:
Think of creative ways to interact with your environment. 
For example, sometimes your shield can be used to bounce or push things away.
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