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Little Big Adventure 2 Cheats

Little Big Adventure 2

Cheat Codes:
Update by: alex2life

Press Esc to bring up the menu and type:

Code         Results
LIFE       - Full Life
MAGIC      - Full Magic
FULL       - Full Life, Magic and Clovers
GOLD       - 50 coins
SPEED      - Frame Rate
CLOVER     - Clover
BOX        - Clover Box
PINGOUIN   - Meca-Penguin

Little Big Adventure 2: Twinsen's Odyssey - Warp to Desert Island:
Buy a ferry ticket on Citadel Island. Board ferry, even if it is 
raining. Press [Esc] you will  automatically be on Desert Island.

Hidden Clover Leaf:
Go to the hills and find Rosa Marie the cow on Citadel Island. Stand 
behind her while facing towards her head and press X + [Up].
A hidden Clover Leaf will appear.

Blowgun test:
Your first test in the School of Magic is to hit targets with your 
magic ball as they spin around the podium. To make this much easier,
release one or two Nitro-Meca Pengouins. 
They will explode, taking out several targets at once.
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