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Links LS 2001 Cheats

Links LS 2001

Cheat Codes:
When playing the Game press Capslock and then type the
following Cheat codes:

Code        Result  
Hitmania  - Power Swing
Lighter   - Lighter Golf Balls
VBCOURSES - More courses
People    - Gallery cheers louder, taunts opponent
Magent    - Lessen wind effect on ball
Lower     - ?

Rehit the Ball Without Adding a Stroke:
When You hit the ball and the shot does not look good or
you do not like the way it is flying press the right click
and the shot will be erased from the records

Submitted by: rickHH
Listen to the pro tips at each hole for advice on how to 
best attack the hole. 

Read the greens carefully when putting. 
Use the helpful visual aids to gauge the terrain.
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