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Line Rider Beta 2 Cheats

Line Rider Beta 2

Submitted by: Tyler

If you want the track to do manuals, make a ramp, and put an intersecting
line (diagonal) and if it goes into a flip, set a line when Bosh (the 
rider) is 3/4 of the way around, and balance it correctly to get a ramp
doing manuals, he will do a flip off of a manual.

Erase While Riding:
Submitted by: Tyler

1. Press the eraser button.
2. Hold Ctrl and Press Play
3. Click lines, and they dissapear

Draw while riding:
Submitted by: thecheater

First click the draw tool not the line tool then click normal or acceleration lines
then hold ctrl and keep holding it then click play while holding ctrl and now u can 
draw while it rides oh and while its riding u can let go of ctrl
happy cheating
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