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Lifetime RSVP Cheats

Lifetime RSVP

Tips & Tricks:
Submitted by: RM

Pick a side (left or right) and try to fill it in as solidly as possible,
moving slowly across the board. 

Jokers are great to use in the middle of a group of tiles, or in cross- 
shaped junctions where they can form a centre to match with all blocks 
around them. 

You should never have two Jokers touching - it's a waste of a very 
powerful tile. 

Surfer Girl:
When placing the Surfer Girl, take her tile and hold it on top of the 
space you want her to fit into. This will help you to better judge when 
the time is right to drop her. Simply wait until her colors line up with 
those of the other tiles around the space, then drop. 

Never make the Surfer Girl your last drop to end a level. There's a chance 
that her tile might rotate into the wrong colors just before you drop her, 
meaning you'll have to start the level all over again.
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