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Legoland Cheats


Submitted by: Neven

Change the player name in the Legoland folder in the Profiles subfolder. 
To do that open the profile for example Profile1.txt and change at least 
1 character of the name. Next time you start the game you'll get something 
gibberish in the choose player menu and the campaign is completed. 
Except all the attractions 2 more pieces are added to the free build menu. 
This works only for the gibberish player names.

Vary your scenery. Mix things up; who cares how it looks? Variety is key 
for attracting visitors. 

Start out by buying approximately eight mechanics and five gardeners. When 
you run low on cash, fire some workers. 

France Mini-land: Save money:
To save money in the France Mini-land or in any other challenge, try to 
build as few add-ons as possible because the visitors cannot tell.

France Mini-land: Deleting:
Use one of each western attraction so when you get the castle theme it will 
be easier to delete all of them.
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