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Legend Of Faerghail Cheats

Legend Of Faerghail

Getting Gold:
As  you  leave  the  village you will receive an amulet. It is vital to the
quest  but can be sold for 800 gold. Then dismiss the entire party, re-boot
and  re-install  the  party.  YouŽll  find  another amulet as you leave the
village; repeat this process for lots of gold! You can get gold by bringing
in up to seven more of the other characters you created, take their gold and
rations, then dismiss them later. You may want to create up to 32 characters,
take their weapons, gold, rations, dismiss them, then erase them and repeat.

Safe Banking:
To avoid having your deposits stolen from the bank, withdraw your money and 
dismiss a member of your party. Admit another one, give him the gold, dismiss
him, admit another one, and so on, finally bringing your regular member back 
in. You can always call up a member, even in a tavern.
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