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Legend Hand of God Cheats

Legend - Hand of God

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: George K. Ison

During gameplay, when you give the hand of god to Tiberius and he leaves,
activate the teleport where you stand, then SAVE, then quit. Copy the 
Exploring_fog file and paste it to the desktop.

Start the game again and finish it (time counts down and the game ends).
Besure you watch the credits. Once the new difficulty level starts, SAVE
again and quit.

Move the old Exploring_fog file, that you pasted to the desktop, to the game
directories replacing the new file. Now you can play the new difficulty level
game with the map portions uncovered.

TIP: the old Exploring_fog file can also be used for first time play of the game.

Submitted by: : Hoya Guru

When you get to the Dwarves Village, use the Runestone there to travel back
to Turint. From Turint, travel east into the Highlands. Stay on the road and
kill everything you see. You will find a Stone Troll, then a small group of 
Orcs. After killing the Orcs, head South to another group of Orcs. Kill them,
and you will find a dying Town Guard. Talk to him, he will give you a letter 
for the general of the dwarves. Walk back to Turint, use the Runestone there 
to go to the Dwarves Village. Talk to the dwarf named Ned (he'll have a yellow
exclamation point over his head). Tell him you have a letter for him. He'll 
say something, and you say "But they're doomed without your help!". As soon
as you say that, you'll get 3000 to 4000 experience points. Go back to the 
Runestone and do it all over again, you can do it as many times as you want
for unlimited experience points.
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