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Lazerbeamz Cheats


Password List:
Level  1: lunartic
Level  2: blackholez
Level  3: lasers are hot
Level  4: moon babies
Level  5: astronautics
Level  6: shooting starz
Level  7: shuttle scoot
Level  8: hubble bubble
Level  9: mir
Level 10: deep field project
Level 11: quantum 
Level 12: into the void
Level 13: solar calipso
Level 14: lunar landerz
Level 15: space balls
Level 16: moon craters
Level 17: crash landing
Level 18: star chaser
Level 19: trig is hard
Level 20: stupor nova
Level 21: jupiters rings
Level 22: halleys comment
Level 23: gallactix
Level 24: synchronized orbits
Level 25: victorious
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