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Kohan Ahrimans Gift Cheats

Kohan - Ahriman's Gift

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: nightraider
Update by: ParthoTheGreat

Due to popular demand, we've decided to release some of the
codes for those of you having difficulty with some of the 
harder missions of the campaigns. This is not a complete 
list by any means, and you'll have to figure out exactly 
ow these work. Here they are: 

Press the enter key while you're playing in the game and 
type in the code

Result                     Code 
Faster Contruction       - wooden rabbit
Win mission              - demons  
Spawn Cheater company    - goons  
Increase company limit   - more peons  
Random Kohan Amulet      - rentakohan  
Gold                     - pyrite 
Full map                 - scene 24
Increase company limit   - im gonna rush
Reveal map and units     - show fog
Summon Shadow Knights    - sks
Summon Cavaliers         - cavs
Summon Void Beasts       - voids
Summon Elite Grenadiers  - egs
Summon Goat Archers      - goats
Summon Elite Bowmen      - ebs
Summon Shadelings        - shades
Summon Dragoons          - goons
Get indicated technology - prometheus 

Technology names:
Use one of the following entries with the prometheus code. 

Shadowskin Armor
Unholy Armor
Cavalry Tactics
Anti-Magic Rings
Summoning Scrolls
Fortified Construction
Unholy Blades
Void Beats
Khaldunite Golem
Dragonbone Bow
Defense Tactics
Wasp Chitin Armor
Gate Houses
Bone Reaver
Magic Arrow
Enchanted Leather
Archery Tactics
High Priest
Dragon Dust
Enchanted Grain
Khaldunite Spear
Blessing of Shadow
New Alloys
Slaan Spears
Dragonscale Armor
Slaanri Champion
Healing Potion
Potion of Strength
Slaanri Slaver
Maecyne Arrow
Submit your codes!
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