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Knights of The Temple Cheats

Knights of The Temple

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Nemesis

To get greater divine power healing:

Open the RpgSkills_DivinePowers.xrg file in your: 

\Starbreeze Studios\Knights Of The Temple\Sbz1\Registry\Rpg
folder with the note pad or other editor and modify the:


Set the "Mana" lower and increase Range, Damage and Force, 
in example:

*Mana 1
*Range 700
*Damage 700
*Force 700

-=Then save the changes=-
To increase the damage of your weapons, open the RpgSkills_Attacks.xrg
file in the same directory, and increase the Damage entry in:


*damage 9.0
*init 0.0

For the special atacks you must also modify the stamina, 
something like this:


*Level 1

*damage 10.0
*stamina 5

Do this in the following entries:

Level skip:
During loading of the game or of saved file, press [Enter] rapidly a few 
times. You will skip to the next level without playing the previous level. 
Note: This does not work all of the time.
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