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Knights of Honor Cheats

Knights of Honor

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: conner54
Update by: Mariusz

Press [Enter] during game play, then type one of the codes. 
Press [Enter] again to resume:

Code           Result
bskinti      - 1,000 deity, 1,000 books and 100,000 money
bsdestroyer  - Toggle increased structure damage
bsnofog      - Toggle fog of war
bsrai        - Toggle no money mode
bsnoai       - AI off for all kingdoms
bsai         - AI on for all kingdoms, including yours
bsswitch     - Change sides to selected nation
showspies    - Show spies on the knight bar 
bs007f       - Toggle spies always fail mode
bs007I       - Toggle instant spy action
bs007s       - Toggle spies always succeed
bstashak     - Toggle Maitap mode
bsnorebels   - Toggle no rebels mode
bsadvantages - Toggle all advantages
bscommander  - Toggle command enemy units

more Cheats:
Submitted by: jacek

Press [Enter] during game play, then type one of the codes. 
Press [Enter] again to resume:

[nomoney1]     CHEAT: No money mode ON 
[nomoney2]     CHEAT: No money mode OFF 
[addres]       CHEAT: Treasury increased 
[cmdall1]      CHEAT: Command enemy units ON 
[cmdall2]      CHEAT: Command enemy units OFF 
[destroyer1]   CHEAT: Structure damage INCREASED 
[destroyer2]   CHEAT: Structure damage NORMAL 
[switch]       CHEAT: You switched sides 
[noai]         CHEAT: Selected kingdom AI OFF 
[noaiall]      CHEAT: All kingdoms AI OFF 
[ai]           CHEAT: Selected kingdom AI ON 
[aiall]        CHEAT: All kingdoms AI ON 
[nofog1]       CHEAT: No fog mode ON 
[nofog2]       CHEAT: No fog mode OFF 
[spyinstant]   CHEAT: Instant spy actions ON 
[spyinstant2]  CHEAT: Instant spy actions OFF 
[spysucc]      CHEAT: Spies always succeed mode ON 
[spysucc2]     CHEAT: Spies always succeed mode OFF 
[spyfail]      CHEAT: Spies always fail mode ON 
[spyfail2]     CHEAT: Spies always fail mode OFF 
[showspieson]  CHEAT: Enemy spies are shown on knights bar 
[showspiesoff] CHEAT: Enemy spies are NOT shown on knights bar

Easy victory:
Submitted by: Lilopa

Choose "Wales"[myfav nation] then quickly try to maximize your Marshall's 
"Archery Mastery" and "Ballistics" skill. Use 3 or 4 Long bowmen and the 
rest for Melee units[Swordmens or Men-at-arm will do]. let your longbowmen
stand behind the infantry and shoot at the enemy units. When Assulting a 
town with strong defense, Take your time and maneuver your army to attack
from a gate which is not protected by any tower. use the speed controller.

Tips for leading a vast army:
Submitted by: Htut Naing

First of all, the no money mode affects the enemy kingdoms too. The cheat 
"bsai" makes your marshals mostly have peasant units. And they chose the 
skills themselves. This cheat is great for beginners who don't understand
Knights of honor yet. I suggest that you do "bskinti" cheat because enemy
kingdoms don't get the money. If you are new to the game, you can do "bsai"
cheat and get help. However if you think you know enough, disable that cheat
and plunder the enemy lands to get exp. Have fun playing!

Prevent skilled marshal to become a king:
Submitted by: Marko

When your king doesn't have any heirs, one man from your Royal court is going to 
inherit the throne. It is the most skilled man.
However, it seems that advantage have those who are in a city. So, if you have 
skilled marshal with many stars and some other man at the Royal court with 5, 
or even less stars, your marshal should leave the city, and your other man should 
enter it. If it is a spy, then leave him to guard your court from other spies 
and don't give him a task, don't infiltrate him in another kingdom.
You'll lose a skilled spy, merchant, or cleric, but it is easier to educate them 
using books and takes far less time, than making a skilled marshal, which you can 
do only in battles. Also, winning battles, whether you're attacking an enemy or 
defending yourself, is crucial and more important than other tasks, so marshals 
are maybe the most important members of Royal court. Of course, that heavily depends 
on your tactics, but you will enter a battle sooner or later. Last, but not the least 
important thing, marshals can have up to 18 stars, while other Royal court members 
can have only 5.
I think there's enough reasons to save your marshal.

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