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Kings Quest 4 The Perils of Rosella Cheats

King's Quest 4 - The Perils of Rosella

Cheat Codes:
When you're swallowed by the whale, you can see a bottle inside of 
him. Take it and read the note inside. Many questions of troubled 
adventurers are written on it.

Easter Eggs for AGI Version:
These two Easter Eggs are only in the AGI Version of the game.

After you defeat Lolotte, these two Easter Eggs can be found:

* Beam Up Easter Egg: Go to the hallway where the door to the prison 
  cell is, and type in "beam me" - Rosella will be beamed up to a space
  ship full of Sierra employees! 

* KQ 4 Rap: Go to the prison cell, and type in "rap kq" - Rosella will 
  start rapping and break dancing to a rap song!
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