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King of Dragon Pass Cheats

King of Dragon Pass

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Development Team Clan Advisors: 
When you start up the game and type "o" from the initial
screen, you get clan advisors drawn from the members of 
the development team.

Unlimited actions:
Take any action (raiding, sacrificing, exploring, etc) at the start of
a season; after the action the season should be the same. Save the result
and go to the sacred season, either by loading another save or advancing 
time. Advance to the screen for allocating clan magic to war, trade, etc.
From this screen, load the original save. Take another action and save. 
If done correctly, the season will not advance. This glitch can be done 
repeatedly for infinite actions in any season. The game occasionally 
crashes if the glitch is used repeatedly without closing and re-opening
the game, but this does not seem to affect the game or any save.
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