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JumpStart Cheats


Map peices:
Submitted by: Ariel

Yo have to go in order:

1.Go 2 the Amphitheater (dont go inside)go 2 your left jump on 2 the dirt
  trail there should be the first map pieace.

2.4 the second map go 2 treauser hollow ,jump in a cart or in the cave,look 
  around by the exit. (i think its at the bottom of the exit)

3.For the third map go to the jump star stadium also known as the sports 
  stadium (its In the speed drome) the map should be on your far left.

4.The 4th map is at your house in your garden.

5.Go to ghost grab town,its on the hotel porch behind the barrels.

6.The 6th is in the arcade be hind the danceing game.

7.Go to the enchanted sanctuary nursery, go to the water falls it is on top
  af a stone thing.

8.Go 2 free fall mountain, go n side,go to your left.

9.Go 2 the beach, swim out 2 the light house climb up 2 thlight house the map
  is on topof the roof.

Hope this helps!
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