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Jeopardy Cheats


Cheat Codes:
If you get the answer wrong, no problem. When they show the players,
go down to the bottom and press ASK ALEX, then make your choice.
I recommend your get the cursor down there beforehand.

Easy win:
Start a new game. Do not answer any of the questions, but listen if
no one answers, then read the answer. Keep a record of the it under
the category and price. After the first session finishes, save the
game. Go back into the game and you will have all the answers.
This can also be done for Double Jeopardy.

CPU cannot answer:
After Alex reads the question and the little stop sign at the bottom
appears, press [Esc] then count to 15. Click "Resume", the time should
be out, and the computer will be able to answer. 

Note: Do not do this if you know the answer to the question.
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