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Jedi Knight Cheats

Jedi Knight

Cheat Codes:
Press T, enter one of the following codes, and press [Enter].
Effect                              Code
Level skip                          thereisnotry
Disable AI                          whiteflag1
Restore AI                          whiteflag0
Increase Force level                deeznuts
Fly                                 eriamjh
Invincibility                       jediwannabe 1
Disable invincibility               jediwannabe 0
All weapons                         red5
All items                           wamprat
Mana                                yodajammies
Gain all force powers               raccoonking
Light master                        imayoda
Dark master                         sithlord
Show entire map                     5858lvr
Slow motion                         slowmo 1
Disable slow motion                 slowmo 0
Restart level with current weapons  pinotnoir 1
Disable level restart               pinotnoir 0
Level select                        pinotnoir <1-21>
Upside down mode                    iamthebestjedi
Full health                         bactame
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