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Janes Hotel Cheats

Jane's Hotel

Early Level Hints:
Submitted by: David K

Hold off on buying things that add to your tasks for as long as possible (especially 
those darn plants!) Youíll need to purchase everything to get to the next Hotel level 
but holding off on adding extra tasks (like plants or dining room furniture) will 
help you focus more on keeping everyone happy until you develop a rhythm. Try to 
purchase things like pictures, goldfish, etc first. This enhances your popularity 
but doesnít add more work. 
People will always take the rooms in order from left to right 
When a person is headed to lobby for an item, the item they want will light up 
before they request it so you can usually have the task started before the request 
even comes in. 
When someone wants to watch TV, you have to click the TV and not the person on the 
couch. However, you do click the person on the couch if they want a paper or coffee. 
If you have finished the game and you want to go back and replay a level, you will 
lose the rest of the levels that came after that. For example, you want to replay 
level 25, if you do, you will lose all the progress that youíve made from level 26 to 40. 

Higher Level HINTS (25 and up):
- Your hotel gets bigger with each level and you have to scroll back and forth (in 
  levels 31 Ė 40) in order to see everything. Donít forget the rooms on either end!
- Make the plants and the dry cleaning a top one priority or youíll never clear these 
  levels. The dry cleaning takes a while so click it as soon as you see it and then 
  line up just a few tasks in case another pops up 
- Buy the pictures ASAP. 
- Once the place closes for the day, leave all vacuuming of empty rooms until the 
  very end so the maid can take care of the guests that are left instead. 
- Handing out sheets goes faster than dry cleaning. If there are a few sheet requests, 
  do them first before starting the dry cleaning. 
- You need to get 15 customers through the door to beat level 32. 
- Wait until level 35 to buy plants 
- You need to get 20 customers through the door to beat level 35 
- Level 35 SPOILER Ė The top priority list for level 35 is in this order: plants, dry 
  cleaning, vacuuming and sheets. Pay attention to the piano player and try to get all 
  the fruit baskets taken care of at once. 
- You have to serve 31 customers in level 40 
- Donít forget Rooms number 1 and 7! They are hard to see since you have to scroll back 
  and forth. 
- For the love of God, DONíT FORGET THE PLANTS!

Tips and Tricks:
Jane and the maid work independently of each other. So you don't have to wait for Jane 
to complete her tasks before queuing up the maid's duties. By keeping them both working 
at the same time, your guest will be served faster, resulting in bigger and better tips!

1. Right click the icon for the game.
2. Choose properties.
3. Click on the 'Find Target...' button.
4. This will make you go to the game folder. In here, find a file called 'AI.ini'.
5. Double click it to open the file.
6. You will find a list of customers
   e.g. [Audioboy]
7. And underneath it there are values for all the sevices in the hotel starting 
   from magazine, phone, coffee, etc.
8. Beside it are numbers in this format: 5|5|15|1|2|35|2
   If you can see, the numbers are separated by columns. The value for the second 
   column determines the value of the service. So, if you change the above to:
   Then for every time the service is used, you will get 50 instead of 5.

To cheat and change your goal numbers for each level
-Go to Jane's Hotel Folder
-Go to Data Folder
-Go to Level configuration settings and open it up in notepad
-Change the number for the goal for each level.
-You'll play the level's very easily.
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