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Invictus In the Shadow of Olympus Cheats

Invictus - In the Shadow of Olympus

Keep an eye on your melee units; they seem to enjoy standing
still, even while they're getting peppered with arrows, until
you command them to attack.

Spend more of your money on upgrading, rather than collecting
new units. In most scenarios, it's better to have a powerful 
yet small army than a large but weak one. 

Pick up a copy of a good Homer translation and Bulfinch's 
Mythology to get a sense of how cool this game should have 

Money HeXCheat:
First, start a new war party, selecting what ever heroes you
want and then add all five swordsmen. 

Second, use a hex editor to edit the Swordsman definition in 
the save game and change the following items to the values 
shown, once that is done you can return to the game and load 
the savegame and sell the Swordsmen back for 65k each in gold. 

Here are the items to look for and the value to change it to; 

Cost       =  01
Points     =  01
Initial CP =   0
HP         = 001
DR         =  01
Evade      =  01
BDMele1    =  10
Hit1       =  10
MaxHit     =  01
MaxBD      =  01
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