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Inherit The Earth Quest For The Orb Cheats

Inherit The Earth - Quest For The Orb

Startup question:
Use the following information to answer the startup question 
in the floppy diskette version of the game. 

Elk Tribe
First King: Relah
Current King: Taliek
Captain of the Guard: Feowah
First winner of the Highest Bravery Award: Lenmar 

Rat Tribe
Head Librarian: Thane
Chief Researcher: Sar
Master Indexer: Nylock
Latest Historical Scholarship Award winner: Cowl 

Fox Tribe
First Chieftain: Pass
Current Chieftess: Yisha 

Boar Tribe
Current King: Broug
Head Chef: Hok
Captain of the Guard: Chun
Keeper of the Royal Mud: Krohag 

Ferret Tribe
Chief Tinker: Zak
Current Guildmaster: Daggle
Youngest Apprentice to achieve Journeyman: Jark
Discoverer of glassmaking: Zheet 

Mouse Tribe
Latest Best Salesman Award Winner: Callis Bluebridge
First Explorer of the Eastern Forests: Chabys Morningbell
Current Western Regional Dance Champion: Tyran Whitebrook 

Dog Tribe
First King: Hunter Newmoon
Duke of the Bone Hills: Laddie Redfur
High Chancellor: Honey Fleetfoot
Knight of the High Keep: Max Shepherd 

Cat Tribe
Chieftess of the Northern Tribes: Miwrrow
Consort to the Northern Chieftess: Prriwan
Chieftess of the Southern Tribes: Mirrm
Consort to the Southern Chieftess: Tirrm 

The Legendary Glass Piece:
In the game, there's a glass-piece of the The Dreamers Guild logo in ferret 
GlassMaster's house. That glass artifact really exists, and has obtained 
somewhat of a legendary status amongst fans over the years :-) It is said 
that Talin (Dreamers Guild Technical Director) has the piece on his living
room wall.
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