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Hyperblade Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Enter one of the following codes to activate the cheat function.

Code            Results
MDMKSB        - Stronger attacks and defense.
SHUIN         - Access a hidden team.
POTATO        - Smaller character.
SPICYBRAINS   - Flipped characters.
GORILLA       - Gorilla characters.
dragon        - Monster characters.
reakout       - Chorus line dancers.
georgesutty   - Programmer message.
smorris       - Programmer message.

Quick win:
Attack the opposing team in the first period and hope for fatalities. 
Enable the mdmksb to recharge your health if needed.. If you kill 
everyone on the opposing team and have more points than them, you 
will win instantly no matter what period you are in. If there is a 
Killball Charger, use it since it rarely causes an injury. Injured
players return after the period and dead ones are gone. You have a
good chance to cause death by electrocution.

Gorilla Warfare:
To play as a gorilla, type GORILLA when you enter the gauntlet. Your 
player will be stronger, faster, and bigger.
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