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Hunter Hunted Cheats

Hunter Hunted

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Neville Rochat

Hit Enter before and after the following codes.

Code         Result
TREVOR     - All weapons and full ammo
Necrodome  - ?
RUNAWAY    - Fires all weapons
VERSION    - Version number
DEBUG      - Debug info

To use these codes, type them in then press Enter:

Code         Result
COLE       - Invincibility and all weapons
RAYL       - Invincibility
INVINCIBLE - Invincibility
LUKASZUK   - All weapons
SNELLINGS  - Full health

These codes change the color of your character:

Code        Result
VINCENT   - Grey
BLUE      - Blue
SAGE      - Green
AVACADO   - Light Green
OCHRE     - Brown
HAHN      - Brown

Escape From New York reference:
In the introduction sequence showing the Sierra logo, there is a wall
with graffiti all over it. On this wall is the message "Snake P. (for 
Plissken) Was Here". This is a reference to the film Escape From New York.

Easter Egg - Another Escape from New York Reference:
Submitted by: AJ

Look at the beginning of the game near the first Escape from New York reference
(Snake P. was here), and in white, you see "Snake, I thought you were dead." 
This is a reference to a line spoken by virtually everyone Snake encounters in
the movie.
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