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Hoyle Casino 2007 Cheats

Hoyle Casino 2007

Easy money:
Submitted by: RM

Go to the roulette table and keep betting on the same number. 
If you lose all your money, restart the game. Repeat this until
you win on the same number. Do not take out a loan. It takes 
some time to get on the number that you want. When you have won 
on the number that you have been betting on constantly you should 
end up with about $180,000. You will then have a choice to either 
bet on black or red. Use the money that you just won and bet huge 
sums on one of those colors. Sometimes it is wise to bet a little 
bit and other times it is wise to bet a huge lump sum. Once you 
have the desired amount of money, you can go to the tournaments 
in the back of the game. Once you are back there, there is not 
much to worry about until you are getting low on casino cash. 
If you feel that you are about to run out then repeat the steps.
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