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Hinokakera Fragment Eclipse Cheats

Hinokakera Fragment - Eclipse

Submitted by: Hinokakera

COMPLETE all fight and you will be able to change weather

Bonus match:
Win all ten matches in Normal mode under the Normal or better 
difficulty setting without any continues. A bonus eleventh 
match will begin after the credits end. 

Alternate color:
Win the bonus eleventh match under the Normal or better difficulty 
setting to unlock a fourth color for the character played.

OverDriven CPU opponent:
Win the bonus eleventh match under the Hard or Nightmare difficulty 
setting to unlock the OverDriven version of the opponent that was 
defeated. Press C when selecting that character as an opponent in 
Vs. CPU mode. This can also be done in Watch mode for both characters.

Play as Ashley Immortal:
Successfully complete Story mode. 

Play as Aya Immortal:
Successfully complete Story mode.
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