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Without the surprise bar:
Submitted by: David K.

It seems to be only rain of coins and rain of bombs. Rain of coins drops to
quickly to be worthwhile, and the boost it gives even if you collect all the
coins is minor, while rain of bombs doesn't give enough time to defend against
it and takes out half your balloons.

In the end:
1. Tap escape.
2. Click on upgrades or achievements.
3. Click Start Playing.

* And your bomb shield is reset. 
* Play until you hit n bombs, then tap escape again. Rinse, repeat.

Fix exploitable bug:
If you pause and visit the Upgrades menu, whether you buy anything or not, the 
"type" of your current mission changes. So you can trade a difficult mission 
like "collect 100 balloons" for an easier one like "collect 100 coins".
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