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Heroes of Might & Magic 1 Cheats

Heroes of Might & Magic 1

Cheat Codes:
Use the top row of keys to enter one of the following codes
at the adventure screen.

Code      Effect
101495  - reveal whole map
101496  - golds
101111  - to enchant your army with haste spell
844690  - crystals
844691  - ores
899101  - diamonds
991001  - plutos
99901   - ?

When the enemy has a hero stronger than yours here's an easy way
to cut him/her down to size. Take over one of their cities and 
then move have of your movement away. The hero will come to take
the city back and leave part of his army behind. Take the city 
again and leave until the heroes army has dwindled to a manageable

Using a Hydra:
When surrounded by enemies close by, use the Hydra's attack on any
opponent. All of the Hydra's heads will lash out, and kill one of 
each enemy.
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