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Harvester Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Within the game, type any of the following codes; 
a shotgun blast will sound to show that you have 
successfully entered a cheat code:

Code               Effect
MURDERER         - Gives you weapons.
SON OF SAM       - Give you inventory items.
BRUCE            - Makes you invincible during combat.
NICK             - Restores your health.
DUSTIN           - Warps you to the Lodge, Level One.
BOSTON STRANGLER - Warps you to Lodge, Level Two.
HELTER SKELTER   - Warps you to Lodge, Level Three.
CHARLES MANSON   - Warps you to end of the game.


Tip 1:
Search, search, search for the shovel in the ruins of the 
newspaper building; you'll need it in order to break into 
Johnson's Garage. Also, don't miss the open drawer in 
Edna's Diner.

Tip 2:
On the first level of the Lodge, don't kill the coatroom
attendant right away! You'll need him to launder your 
clothes first. Instead, go into the saloon and have a few
drinks. Three should do it.
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