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Happy Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K

Type these cheats in the place where you type your stage password.

Effect                                    Code
Disables all the cheats                 - haxe-reset
Invincibility                           - haxe-canttouchme
Lets you carry 10 Happylanders with you - haxe-fullcapacity
No bad guys                             - haxe-gohomebaddie
Opens the level exit blocks             - haxe-opensesame
Stops the timer                         - haxe-splitseconds

Stage password:
These passwords can be found when you collected 5 Magic Spheres from
a stage. 

Effect                       Password	
Hurry Up! (Fast Stage)     - forestofblackoaks
Manic Mines 1              - canyouseethemoon(*)
Manic Mines 2              - helecomesyuletide
Manic Mines 3              - whydoyoubulidmeup
Manic Mines 4 (Fast Stage) - themanatetwosocks
Mighty Mountain 1          - thiefofprinces(*)
Mighty Mountain 2          - somethingfishy(*)
Mighty Mountain 3          - dontturnaround
Mighty Mountain 4          - yourkingandqueen
Top Of Terror 1            - carsareoftenbigger
Top Of Terror 2            - angrybearsaregreen
Top Of Terror 3            - sackfullofpotatoes
Wicked Village 1           - maximilliandrake
Wicked Village 2           - wheresthedamncat
Wicked Village 3           - donteatyellowsnow

(*) means this password cannot be aquired in the game, because the 
previous level has no blue spheres.
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