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Gunmaster Urban Warfare Cheats

Gunmaster Urban Warfare

Submitted by: David K.

1.Conserve your more powerful weapons. You won't get pick-ups for them
  too often, so use them sparingly.

2.For the large bombers, try and shoot the bombs they drop immediately
  after they let it go. The explosion will harm the bomber, making it 
  easier to bring down.

3.For helicopters, a rocket or RPG will bring it down in one shot. However,
  a few  shots from the regular gun are better, since you don't waste your 

4.For the smaller bombers (they look like World War II-style planes), aim 
  for the black section on their fuselage (main body). One shot from the 
  regular gun (or any of the more powerful weapons) to this area will bring
  it down.

5.Try setting up traps with the blue shrapnel mines on either side of the 
  screen to take out ground troops.

6.Don't bother with trying to get up to the top of the construction site 
  unless there's a pick-up you need there. It's not easy to escape enemy 
  planes or helicopters from that point. If you want to get on a building, 
  pick either the tallest one in the middle or the smaller building to it's
  left. You'll have more room to move and escape if a bomb or crashing 
  aircraft comes at you.
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