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Gromada Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Enter one of the codes during game play.

Result              Code
Win mission       - cheatw
Full ammunition   - cheata
Invincibility     - cheati

The simple way to defeat any foe one on one is to get his attention and 
then turn 180 degrees so that he is pursuing you. Spin your turret around
and nail him with verything you've got. You'll be out of his range, but 
your shots will hit him as he moves into your stream of fire. 

Against large groups of foes, try to split them up with hit and run tactics.
If you can't split them up, use a circle-strafe tactic (race around them in 
a large circle while rotating your turret accordingly to always have a 
shot lined up). 

Take your time with Gromada's puzzles; if you die, you'll be starting the 
mission all over from scratch. Most the puzzles involve timing and patience;
you simply can't rush through any them. Once you've memorized the pattern, 
take baby steps through the puzzle and you should be OK.
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