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Gotcha Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: conner54

While playing, press [F11] to bring down the console then type any of 
the following cheat codes.
Code                     Result
cheat travelalot       - All Maps 
cheat makenewfriends   - All Characters 
cheat winleaguematch   - Win League 
cheat looseleaguematch - Lose League 
cheat winimmatch       - Win Match 
cheat looseimmatch     - Lose Match

Submitted by: gad

On black forest you go underground in the tunnels and when you get to a big room 
look for squarish thing stickig out of the wall. shoot it then go in and right 
between the chains sprint towards it and keep going. Youll fall and the you stop 
and you can shoot anyone that you see moving.
Sometimes it don exactly work right though.

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