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Gone Fishin Cheats

Gone Fishin'

A Few Quick Beginners Tips:
* When starting out, you'll find that the best bait is live stuff.
* The flexible 7 foot rod with standard reel is probably the best setup
  for a beginner.  All fish will be easier to bring in with this especially
  the bigger ones.

* If the game is running a little slow, turn off the background sounds and
  the detail of the shoreline.

* Exceeding the maximum line tension whilst fighting a fish may result in 
  a broken line, so always follow the recommendations for lure speed and 
  line tension.

Catch a mullet and grey fish!:
Submitted by: Charlotte

If u r a member, by rainbow rod and use it in the game. You can catch grey 
fish (if they start at the top they swim down to the bottem and if they start
at the bottem they swim up to the top)!

Members or non members can do this: Keep last yellow fish but don't click to
let go of it. Keep it in the water and u can catch a mullet and get bonus 100
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