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Gods Playing Field Cheats

God's Playing Field

Cheat Codes:
Update by: Kodi123
Submitted  by: RM

Enter one of the following codes at the "Enter secret" screen, then click the 
check mark to activate the cheat function. The alternate way of unlocking the 
cheats is to get the indicated number of casualties. 

Result                                                Code        Casualties  
Put in this code to skip to freestyle mode without 
having to beat the game first.                      - sweetness    100

Everyone wears a hat.                               - woohoo       200

Slow enemies  down.                                 - slowtime     300

Speed up enemies!                                   - supercharge  500

Gives you a million dolars.                         - richify     1000

Only stick figures on the screen. 
(Only in freestyle mode)                            - sticky      1500

Undoes pervious code.                               - desticky    1500

Secret message                                      - freefall    2000

Unlocks freestyle mode and all secrets 
(can be used anytime)                               - crazymonkey 2500

Submitted by: Cheaterman3000

Put in crazymonkey and it will unlock free style and give you every code.
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