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Gods Of Time Cheats

Gods Of Time

Cheat Codes:
I found a money cheat on gods of time that lets you not lose money when
buying soldiers or troops. Here’s how to do it:

1) First You hire the max soldiers.
2) Then you go to ” Fortress Ranks “
3) Then you go to ” Map “
4) You should’nt of have lost any Gold at all unless your using a different
   browser other then Internet Explorer.

How to cuss and not get banned:
To cuss and not get banned, put a + sign beween the cuss word and u'll say 
it and not get banned.

How to be boss of a guild:
There's a rule where u can't make a guild before your lvl 15. I found this
out, if you have any player above lvl 15, if you make a guild, you can give
it to another account below lvl 15 by just inviting the person you want to
be boss of guild, then go to "guild details" and then click the "make boss"
button next to the players name where it says who the people in the guild 
are. Then you can trick people into thinking that ur account is special.
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